Get the Smell Out of Your Rugby Boots, Pads & Other Gear

Smelly Rugby Boots


"My rugby boots smell like cat piss..." commented one of our Facebook fans, "Will it get rid of cat piss??" 


Here's the cool thing about our product: It eliminates any odors. It makes no difference the source or the odor. What matters is that the offending material/surface is penetrated completely by the spray. 

For the science nerds: 

When we say eliminates we mean just that: It eliminates the odor. It doesn't mask the smell or smother it with perfume, It doesn't suppress it temporarily. It pulverizes it. 

Here's the catch: The odor will return if the original source of the odor is re-introduced. 

Take your rugby boots, for example: Wear them through a few practices & they will begin to stink again, and you will need to reapply the spray. 

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