Getting Smell Out of Pillows

If you are having trouble getting the smell out of pillows, then you might be going about it the wrong way. This isn't necessarily an issue of using the wrong kind of pillow cover. What is most important is that you are giving your scent a chance to breath.


One of the ways that you can do this is by being more aware of what is going on with your pillow. You will need to remember that just because your pillow smells faintly of certain smells doesn't mean that it's not still there. Many pillows do tend to hold their scent longer than others so make sure that you're always smelling the pillow whenever you move it. You can do this by putting your hand on the top of the pillow and using your other hand to keep the bottom of the pillow on the floor. It will take a few moments for your scent to permeate the entire pillow but when you do, you will notice that it has a very pleasant smell.


Another thing you can do to help clean the pillow out is to get rid of what you leave behind. This includes the covers, pillows, and blankets that you have. Take everything out of the room so that you can clean the spot where you had it stored and get everything to a dry, un-damp place where you can wash them. Make sure that they're all very clean and uncluttered before you wash them. You can always use laundry soap and wash them all at once or you can take a shower to get all the water out. Anyplace you have your covers and blankets in your home, take them out and wash them. This will not only help you to get the smell out of pillows, but it will also eliminate any mildew or mold that could have become trapped.


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