How to Get Egg Smell Out of Dishes

Have you ever wanted to know how to get egg smell out of dishes? I was too. I would often find myself getting pretty freaked out about the scent of eggs in my food. I couldn't stand the smell of them! Sometimes it was even worse than when they had come out of the oven! I figured that was just the way they are and I didn't have a lot of control over that part of my cooking experience.


My friend told me that I should try out baking oatmeal packets as a way to get rid of the A-D scent from eggs in my food. So I did. I used the packets and let them sit for about an hour. Then I ran them under the warm tap for about five minutes to wash away any extra odor. This worked! It really made a big difference! It's probably just the plain, natural ingredients though that help with the elimination of the aroma.


That is how to get egg smell out of dishes that worked for me. You can also do things like use a good cast iron skillet that is non-stick or use one that is a little more ornate, like a cast-iron Dutch oven. These can help to reduce the problem. But the most important thing you can do is to make sure your eggs are cooked well and evenly before you put them in a dish.


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