How to Get Smell Out of your Room

Here is a way to get the smell out of the room, the first thing you must do is make sure that your room is sparkling clean. Take off all the old furniture and replace it with new ones and the same goes for the floor as well. You may even consider carpeting the floors, so that the air is well filtered and you are able to work in total peace. Your floors should be clean because dirt particles and dust on the floor will cause this problem. This is why you need to get some steam cleaner and begin to clean off the dust and get rid of all the stains. You can also use detergent but you will have to add baking soda to them so that it works its magic to get rid of the stains.


Use the steam cleaner on the carpets, windowsills, and every surface in the room. The steam cleaner is a very good cleaner and will take care of the dirt particles. Use a lint-free cloth that has been washed to get the dirt out of the floor and grout, you can place the cloth on the steam cleaner for about two minutes, take it off, and then use the cloth again to rinse it off. Again, this method works great if you live in a high traffic area because if you use a cloth that has not been washed many times, then you will find that this method does not work at all.


If the stench remains, you can try using vinegar or lemon juice to get the smell out of the room. Boil water in a pan and put in some vinegar or lemon juice to help reduce the smell. You can do this once a week for an hour and then once a month for about an hour and then once a week will suffice. This method is great to get the smell out of the room.


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