FARM & RANCH - 1 Gallon (128 oz) - 8x the size of our regular bottles

FARM & RANCH - 1 Gallon (128 oz) - 8x the size of our regular bottles

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FARM & RANCH Super Odor Eliminator (1 Gallon - 128oz) is formulated specifically for eliminating the odors that no other product on the market can eliminate. It's been called the last hope; last resort; the ace-in-the-hole when

Eliminates Any Odors from Any Material - Everytime. 

Eliminates any unwanted odors on carpets, furniture,  floors, walls, cars, beds, boots, hats, gloves,  blankets or any other material and surface. 

Dead animal; urine; smoke; sweat; vomit; gas - it makes no difference. 

Farmhand Tom's Farm & Ranch Spray permanently eliminates the oder in seconds. 

  • 128 NET WT OZ 
  • 100% Safe & Natural 
  • 100% Chemical FREE
  • 100% Made in the USA 
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee: Please email us within 14 days & we'll make it right



Q. Does this just cover up / mask the smell? 
A. No, it eliminates the smell at the molecular level, and the smell will not return unless the original cause of the smell is reintroduced.

Q. How much do I need to apply?
A. The important part is to saturate the surface. For fabric or carpet smells, it's important to spray enough solution to completely penetrate material.

Q. Will it eliminate other offensive smells? 
A. Here's our little secret: Farmhand Tom's Super Odor Eliminator Products will permanently eliminate any smell on any material (seriously, give it a try) whether it's caused from humans, horses, cows, goats, gas, manure, smoke or vomit... it works on everything.

Q. Is there a guarantee? 
A. Yes! If for any reason it doesn't work for you, email us within 14 days and we'll make it right!

Q. Is there a smell it won't eliminate? 
A. We haven't found one: it works on everything. 

Q. Can I use it in the washer? 
A. Yes! Add about an ounce to any load of laundry. Eliminates musty towels, gas-soaked clothes & anything else. 

Q. Is it safe for humans & animals? 
A. Our ingredients are 100% Safe for Humans & Animals, 100% natural & 100% Made in the USA. Like the

Q. Will it eliminate the odor forever?
A. Yes, forever, unless the original cause of the odor is reintroduced. 

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Why Farmhand Tom?


Made from all natural ingredients, non-toxic and Made in the USA


Uses Odor Eliminating Molecule Technology. How It Works


If you’re not happy with anything for any reason, we’ll refund your money. All of it.


"We moved into our new home in October. When we viewed the home we noticed the previous owners had left their freezer in the garage. The owners must have unplugged it with food left inside of it. The food from the freezer drained onto the garage floor, a horrible dead meat odor has been there ever since. We have Cloroxed, pressure washed and rented ionizer machine to try and remove this nasty odor. I saw your product online and thought "let me give it one last try before we remove baseboards." We sprayed one evening, and as soon as i opened the door from the kitchen to the garage the next morning I was so shocked. No funky dead smell! We are on day three and still no odor. Thank you."

5 Star Review

This product worked like magic! The odors I've been trying to get rid of for months are gone. I highly recommend and will buy again!

5 Star Review