From smoke to skunk, it eradicates any odor, anywhere. Made in the USA with 100% natural ingredients, it's safe for use on any fabric or material.

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Farmhand Tom's Odor Eliminating Spray

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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5-Star Rated Nick's Nose Odor Eliminator Spray 

Smoke, Urine, Gas, Skunk, Rotting Food - doesn't matter - Farmhand Tom's NICK'S NOSE Spray is an All-Purpose Spray - Eliminates (not just *masks*) the Odors.

✅ Eliminates ANY Odor ANY Material
✅ Made in the USA
✅ No Perfume Headaches!

Eliminates Odors on Clothes, Pets, Your House, RV, Camper, Washer, Fridge, Bathroom, Carpets & thousands of other locations.

✅ Full-Money Back 100% Guarantee
✅ 100% Natural & Safe for Pets & Humans
✅ Free Shipping: Free Shipping in the USA
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Does this just cover up / mask the smell? 

No, it eliminates the smell at the molecular level, and the smell will not return unless the original cause of the smell is reintroduced.

How much do I need to apply?

The important part is to saturate the surface. For fabric or carpet smells, it's important to spray enough solution to completely penetrate material.

Can I use it in the washer?

Yes! Add about an ounce to any load of laundry. Eliminates musty towels, gas-soaked clothes & anything else

Is there a guarantee? 

Yes! If for any reason it doesn't work for you, email us and we'll make it right!

Is it safe for humans & animals? 

Our ingredients are 100% Safe for Humans & Animals, 100% natural & 100% Made in the USA. Like the

 Will it eliminate the odor forever?

Yes, forever, unless the original cause of the odor is reintroduced. 

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